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All  our baths include shampooing, wet brush, conditioning treatment, blow dry, final brush out, and spritz of doggie cologne/perfume! We have multiple types of shampoo to fit every coat and skin type as well as detangling spray for those extra long coats! 

Sammie loved her spa day today ❤️❤️❤️ #s


While we always attempt to complete our nail trims with a dremel, if it is too distressing for your animal we do have manual trimmers on site. 

All grooming services are ended with an extra treat to make it a rewarding experience for the dogs!

Luigi loves his post bath cuddles #batht
Paco Taco getting his nails done 💅.jpg

We use only TropiClean Pet Products which are made and sold locally in Wentzville, MO

photo oct 25, 8 55 54 am.jpg


Bath Only

Nail Trims

  • Extra Small (Less than 10 pounds): $10

  • Small (11-30 pounds): $20

  • Medium (31-60 pounds): $30

  • Large (61-90 pounds): $40

  • Extra Large (Above 90 pounds): $50

photo nov 24, 9 57 24 am.jpg
  • Nail Trim ONLY: $10                               

  • To add a Nail Trim onto a Bath: Add $5 to price of bath

*Grooming cannot be 100% guaranteed on Holiday weekends or during times we are at capacity. The proper care of all animals in our care comes first!*

*Grooming fees are to be paid separately from boarding fees* 

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