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All smiles today at Grand Haven Pet Lodg
LOOK AT THIS FACE #Ash #blacklabrador #s



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Our rate is $30 per dog, per day. This price includes feeding, 4 daily outside exercise/potty breaks, 2 daily kennel treats (if none are provided), and indoor playtime.

Our rate for cats is $15 per cat, per day. This includes feeding, twice daily cleaning of their litter box, and playtime with staff members. 

Double Occupancy Rate

Pets must be sharing the same room

Handsome devil Maximus #germanshepherd #
  • Dogs: first dog is full price while each additional dog gets a $10 discount per day. Our rooms are large enough to house roughly two 100 pound dogs. We maintain the right to use our discretion as to how many rooms your dogs will need. 

  • Cats: first cat is full price while each additional cat receives a discount of $5 per day. We maintain our right to use discretion as to how many condos your cats will need. We DO accept cats that are on medications, including insulin. 

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Things to Know

Medication Policies

We do not charge an additional fee to administer medications or supplements to pet(s) that are boarding with us. 


We make sure all medications are given in the proper dosages and on the correct schedule.


These include medications for:

-allergies (apoquel/benadryl) 

-anti seizure medications (phenobarbital/potassium bromide/levetiracetam)

-pain or anti inflammatories (rimadyl/carprofen/deramaxx)

-anti anxieties or sedatives (acepromazine/trazadone)


All medications must be brought in original bottle/packaging!

What to Bring

Meet my new teddy bear, his name is Walt
See that hooman hair on my face_ It’s ca

Up to date vaccination records from you vet. Dogs must have their Rabies, Distempter (DHLPP/DHPP), and Bordetella. 

We feed your food to your schedule so please bring enough for their stay plus a little extra in case of travel delays! Please bring it in a plastic container with a lid, does not need to be portioned out!

You are encouraged to bring any toys, treats, or bedding from home that will make your dog more comfortable during their time with us. We do provide food and water bowls so those can stay home unless your dog needs a special slow feeder bowl. We also have raised feeders for those extra large pups!

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