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   Our facility features spacious, well-lit rooms that each contain a 4' x 8' climate controlled indoor room and a 4' x 12' outdoor run that is covered to protect from rain and excess sun. Each room is large enough to handle up to two 100 pound dogs (this is up to our discretion). 

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She’s baaaaaaaack #phoenix #pitbull #pit

   We have a large indoor playroom for all the dogs in enjoy as well. We can do one-on-one playtime, group playtime, or simply some cuddle time on our couches;
 whatever works best for your pet! Our playroom contains any toy you could imagine, but if your dog has a favorite, make sure and tell us!

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Morning photo sesh with Macie #boxer #ma
That’s what I think about your photograp

   Each run empties into one of four yards (2 on each side) where every dog is let out 4 times a day (weather permitting) to run and play as well as take care of their potty time. Dogs from the same family or who are friends with each other are allowed to go out together for these romps. We always make sure and ask owners that it is okay before letting dogs out to play together!

Brody May have realised I didn’t actuall
Max might be the most handsome dobie eve
Lucy making sure we get her good side #l

Special Rooms

Isolation Rooms

We have 3 rooms designed specifically so that the dog(s) cannot see their neighbors inside or outside. These are designed for dogs who may have issues being around other dogs and not react in the best way. This means we can accept dogs that have a history of aggressive behavior. We adjust their routine to minimize visual contact with other dogs.

Large Breed Rooms

Six of our rooms have extra tall doggie doors to accommodate tall breeds as well as older dogs who may find it harder to go through our normal doors. These can easily fit breeds such as Mastiffs, Great Danes, Newfandlands and Great Pyrenees, as well as larger Rottweilers, Retrievers, German Shepards, and Dobermans. 

Houdini Rooms

    Specially designed to house dogs that have escape artist tendencies due to anxiety, super smarts or super strength, we have 2 rooms with double latches on the doors. This prevents them from trying to pop open their doors or break the latches in any way. 

    We also have 3 rooms that have special ceilings inside and out to prevent any dogs that are known to climb fences from being able to escape their rooms. 

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